Our Culture

Our Way is how we do things around here.

It articulates our strengths, how we work together and with our clients, what we value, and what we aspire to. This is what makes Entura a great place to work.

Our Way


We're passionate about what we do so we strive to be our best.Our technical expertise and leadership is matched by our integrity.

We love celebrating success, and we bring energy and humour to create a dynamic and supportive working culture.


With creativity and perseverance, we explore alternatives and identify the best options.

Our determination to achieve the goals of our clients and our business makes us proactive, innovative and reliable.


We are ethical and accountable.  We 'walk the talk' to deliver value to clients and communities and to ensure the strength and reputation of our business.

We're always looking for ways to improve what we do, and to build a better future.


We combine our strengths and share our knowledge and ideas.

Through team work and collaboration, we achieve better results.

We respect and support each other, and we value the diversity of our teams and clients.


We work hard to understand what our clients really need and to build strong, trusting relationships.

We are responsive, flexible and pragmatic. Our ‘can do’ attitude drives us to find solutions, create value and satisfy our clients.


We take care to keep ourselves and each other safe at work,
in body and mind.

We follow procedures, speak up, and follow through.

We are serious about safety, and always look out for our colleagues and clients and the communities we serve.



How Did Our Way Come About?

Building Our Way involved many people across our business in all teams and locations. This gives these words real power because they are the words we have chosen to describe the sort of business we want to be. They belong to us, the people of Entura.

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Disability Inclusion

Our disability inclusion commitment is outlined in our Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2023 (PDFWord)

Our four goals are:

  • Create more opportunities for people with disability to engage with us.
  • Increase employment opportunities for people with disability.
  • Change community attitudes towards people with disability.
  • Create more inclusive systems and processes.