For hydropower developments to be successful and sustainable, it’s vital to identify, understand and manage the potential risks at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

For more than a century, hydropower developments around the world have been growing and greening the world’s electricity supplies by generating clean, reliable and cost-effective power from water. 

Global shifts in the energy sector are opening new opportunities for hydropower to provide much-needed storage and firming capacity to help stabilise grids as they integrate increasing levels of intermittent renewable technologies. This can be achieved through modification of existing hydropower storages, or the construction of new pumped hydro energy storages.

But hydropower developments, like all major power infrastructure, have their challenges – whether this is the potential for major cost increases due to unforeseen risks, or environmental impacts as a result of dam construction.

Entura’s depth of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of hydropower enables us to help our clients identify and define hydropower opportunities, whether new projects or upgrades to existing; whether larger hydropower projects or small hydro. This same knowledge and understanding enables us to help our clients identify, understand and manage the full range of risks associated with hydropower developments at every stage, giving their projects the best outcomes.

Our unique asset-owner heritage has given us a century of real-world, hands-on experience, insights and expertise. We have been intimately involved in the planning, design, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance of the Tasmanian hydropower system.

We continue to build on this knowledge and experience, delivering practical and effective solutions for our clients in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, across the full spectrum of hydropower development, operations and maintenance.

Our services include: