Strategy and risk

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging a broad range of stakeholders in meaningful discussion is challenging, but essential for the success of your projects.

Building awareness, understanding and support for renewable infrastructure projects is a critical element of success. It is usually also a key component of planning and regulatory approval.

Strategic and proactive stakeholder planning and engagement will support regulatory approval, and will help you identify issues early and manage them effectively. It will also assist you to develop and nurture sustainable relationships with your project’s stakeholders, and enhance your project’s reputation.

Drawing on our experience of owning and operating assets in Tasmania and consulting on power and water projects throughout mainland Australia and the Indo-Pacific region, we offer expert, practical advice on effective stakeholder planning, engagement, documentation and management during all stages of clean energy and water projects.

Our services include:

  • developing stakeholder engagement strategies and plans
  • developing and delivering targeted community consultation programs
  • management of stakeholder data and processes (e.g. complaints and grievances)
  • communications support
  • rapid social assessments and surveys
  • social impact assessment and risk management
  • social issues management (benefit strategies, social mitigations, resettlement planning)