Grid connection

Understanding and communicating how a generator interacts with the power system is key to the success of a new generation project or upgrade.

Whatever the type of generation, you need to investigate the risks you face through the connection and how to mitigate those risks.

Entura has intimate knowledge of both generator and power station controls and power systems, and we’ve supported the successful grid connection of a wide range of technologies including wind, solar, hydropower, gas and batteries.

Our team is adept at determining cost-effective and appropriate methods of testing and modelling and we maintain strong working relationships and a good reputation with network companies and regulators, helping to streamline acceptance processes.

Our expertise does not end at the connection studies.  We have a proven record of providing performance testing of generating units, which can offer you the asset knowledge you need so that you can take advantage of market opportunities and take control of code and rules compliance. We can design a test procedure and then test and validate the performance of all generating unit types.

Our services include:

  • Congestion analysis
  • Control design, modelling and tuning
  • Connection studies
  • Generator and power system modelling in most industry standard software formats
  • Model validation testing
  • GPS compliance testing
  • Power quality analysis
  • System strength assessment
  • Compliance monitoring.