Flood management

Flooding causes major damage to buildings, critical infrastructure, agricultural land and crops, and can put lives at risk.

Understanding the risk and consequences of flooding can allow emergency action plans to be prepared to manage these potentially catastrophic events, saving lives and reducing financial impacts.

Providing warning of impending flood events can help improve management of the event and can be a critical input to managing flood risks to life and property.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Entura is responsible for the management of extensive catchments on behalf of Australia’s largest water manager.

We have developed state-of-the-art technical skills in real-time flow forecasting, dam break analysis and floodplain mapping. These activities help provide advanced flood warnings that are essential for governments and hydropower operators preparing emergency action plans to protect communities at risk.

Our team of specialists in hydrology, hydraulic modelling, environment, water quality, structural engineering, surveying, law, public consultation and economics can tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

Flood studies

Entura is a leader in design flood studies, having worked with major dam owners and government clients around Australia and internationally.

We continually update design flood methodology to current best practice, leading in the application of Monte Carlo simulation techniques for design flood estimation, which enables a risk-based approach for infrastructure safety assessments.

Our methodology and estimates have been endorsed by Australian and international experts, ensuring that our flood estimates are robust and defensible. And we are one of the leaders in dambreak and design flood modelling for dam design, upgrade and safety projects.

We have conducted flood studies for a wide range of applications including flood mapping, hazard and risk assessments for all levels of government and corporate clients.

Our team uses sophisticated computer modelling packages and systems for hydrological and hydraulic analysis in conjunction with our GIS, survey and mapping facilities.

Inflow and flood forecasting

Managing the operation and flood safety of Hydro Tasmania’s system has enabled us to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience in real-time inflow and flood forecasting, and data management.

Inflow forecasting is typically used by reservoir operators to optimise their operations, while flood forecasting systems are often critical for public safety.

Successful real-time forecasting relies on accurate input data, reliable modelling and easily interpreted visualisation of results. Entura can work with you to review, specify and install inflow and flood forecasting and warning systems.

We can provide an integrated solution using the latest computer modelling packages and systems for hydrological and hydraulic analyses and data management, in conjunction with one of the most advanced survey, GIS and mapping facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Combined with our capability and experience in hydrographic data collection and database development, we can also offer a complete solution for inflow and flood forecasting.