Dams play an essential part in securing water, food and energy to support lives and livelihoods. Downstream communities also rely on the dams being safe.

As competition for water, food and energy continues to grow, effective water storages will be critical for ensuring the sustainability of communities.

To ensure that water is available and of an acceptable quality, and that the dam is safe, these large water assets need to be properly planned, designed, constructed, operated and maintained.

Whether the dam is for hydropower, pumped hydro, irrigation, water supply and treatment, or multipurpose, we help you develop new dams and upgrade ageing dams so that they are economical, efficient, safe and long-lasting.

Our dam expertise is founded on our unique asset-owner heritage, which has given us a century of experience in planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining these assets.

We continue to build on this knowledge and experience, delivering sustainable solutions for dam owners, contractors, consultants and government regulators across the full spectrum of dam planning and design, construction, operations and maintenance, upgrades and refurbishment, and decommissioning. Our dam specialists understand older equipment and instruments, but also stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology, standards and requirements.

And we are experts in a range of dam types, including conventional and roller-compacted concrete gravity dams; concrete arch dams; concrete buttress dams; concrete face, membrane and bituminous face rockfill dams; earthfill dams; and earth and rockfill dams.

Our services include:

  • project planning and feasibility studies
  • geotechnical and geological investigations
  • design of dams and associated infrastructure and equipment
  • tender and construction support
  • dam operation and maintenance
  • dam safety
  • risk management and sustainability assessment
  • expert and peer review, and owner’s engineer services
  • tailored training in dam safety and emergency response planning.