Electricity networks

New challenges and opportunities are emerging for electricity network operators around the world as the sector responds to increased penetration of renewable generation.

Planning for the future now will help you ensure that your electricity distribution assets meet current requirements and are well placed to adapt to changing conditions as the grid continues to evolve.

Due to our unique asset-owner heritage and through our daily interactions with the electricity supply industry, asset developers and power users, we can help you navigate your immediate technical hurdles as well as broader considerations essential to long-term success. These include building strong relationships with your community, minimising and mitigating environmental risks, and planning for resilience to a changing climate.

Whether you are developing and designing new transmission lines or needing to upgrade an existing substation, we provide skilled and experienced power engineering advice and support to ensure that your assets, old or new, remain safe, reliable, efficient and compliant with ever-changing regulations, standards and protocols.

To reap the cost savings and performance benefits of efficiently designed networks that operate effectively, you need advice on individual assets as well as a broader system view.  Our work with regulators, network service providers, generators and OEMs gives us a wide understanding of the role and interaction of assets in the electricity network, including the established and developing technologies.

This means that we can help you with innovative solutions to network performance and connection issues, overcoming plant or network deficiencies to meet regulatory requirements, and optimising your power systems.