Strategy and risk

We own. We operate. We consult. And that’s why we know the importance of having the right asset strategy and managing risks well.

From creating a business case to designing an asset strategy, we understand what it takes to secure project financing, environmental approvals and a social licence to operate.

Effective risk management makes it easier to access finance, anticipate and respond to stakeholder concerns, and avoid project delays and problems. And it’s the key to optimise your projects and operations for long-term safety, reliability and sustainability.

Due to our unique asset-owner heritage, we offer you extensive practical insights into all aspects of power and water infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction, operation, maintenance and upgrade.

We can also support you with best-practice environmental and social management systems and innovative data management solutions which we’ve developed for our own assets, so we are confident they’ll work for yours.

Through our practical experience and knowledge, we can help futureproof your projects and operations so that they will be viable and sustainable for the long term.