Hybrid renewables

As the world increasingly embraces renewable electricity generation, and transitions away from costly or emissions-intensive technologies, the need is growing for hybrid renewable energy assets that combine multiple forms of generation and storage.

Although solutions combining solar power with battery storage are already available and can provide 100% renewable energy in small off-grid systems, new commercially viable solutions are needed to achieve safe and reliable renewable penetration and dispatchability in larger off-grid and on-grid systems. And that’s where Entura can help, as we draw on our proven experience to design and implement innovative, sustainable and dispatchable systems at any scale.

Smart control and integration of generation assets, storage and other enabling technologies are at the heart of any successful hybrid renewable energy project. Along with understanding network responses and customer requirements, be they behind-the-meter generation, energy efficiency or other demand-side response, we know what it takes to achieve reliable, dispatchable power from renewables.

Through our experience with hybrid off-grid systems, we have developed a world-leading approach to hybrid renewables that facilitates safe and reliable operation of distribution networks. Our approach is independent of any particular suppliers and is suitable for a large range of systems.

With Entura’s deep knowledge of all aspects across the full lifecycle of hydropower, wind and solar generation assets, along with our expertise in batteries, pumped hydro and other enabling technologies, we can assist you to tackle the challenges of creating hybrid renewable energy projects from small, remote locations through to utility-scale.

We can work with you as an advisor or implementation partner across all phases of your hybrid renewables project, from concept development and master planning, feasibility and detailed design, through to installation, commissioning and operation.

Due to our asset-owner heritage and extensive experience partnering with clients across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, we can help you achieve goals such as reducing operating costs, improving power reliability and system security, and increasing sustainability. As a true implementation partner, we can take on integrated system performance and delivery risk.

 Our services include:

  • renewable energy roadmaps, conception and master planning
  • feasibility studies and concept designs
  • power systems and grid connection studies
  • due diligence assessments
  • tender and bid responses
  • planning and environmental approvals
  • front-end engineering design including power systems modelling, integration design and control design and interface specification
  • detailed designs, technical specification, procurement and factory testing
  • control code and HMI (operator screen) design and preparation
  • Owner’s Engineer role
  • project management of site works including construction, installation, pre-commissioning, unit commissioning, system integration commissioning and initial operation
  • asset management plans
  • operator training
  • remote system support.