Planning and acquisitions

The key to successful implementation of hydropower projects is in knowing what’s important, where the risks lie, and how best to manage these risks.

Planning new hydropower developments begins with identifying the most appropriate sites within a river basin catchment, and then developing a holistic hydropower masterplan for the region.  A thorough understanding of the risks and uncertainties during the planning stage makes successful implementation far more likely.

Over a century we have developed the skills and experience to identify, investigate and manage all the potential risks and uncertainties associated with hydropower developments, to offer our clients peace of mind and confidence in the success of their hydropower ventures and acquisitions.

Using GIS information can help to rapidly define the hydropower opportunity and the corresponding concept, as a lead in to the feasibility study. We have undertaken many feasibility studies for hydropower projects around the world, managing the key investigations necessary to develop the preliminary design and manage project risks; including topographical surveys, collection of hydrological data, geological site investigations and environmental baseline surveys.

Whether you acquire a hydropower project at the stage of pre-feasibility, feasibility, design, construction or operation, it is critical that you understand the implications of the acquisition prior to final commitment.

To help our clients see the full picture before committing to hydropower acquisitions, we can undertake a due diligence assessment that draws on our real-world experience to confirm the available energy, identify the key risks, and understand the condition of the assets whether partially constructed or operational.

Our services include:

  • resource assessment, power potential studies and master planning
  • site investigation programs, including survey, hydrology, geological and environmental
  • feasibility studies and project optimisation
  • due diligence assessments for projects at any stage of development
  • training for developers and government authorities, with focus on project risk, project lifecycle and project bankability.