We own. We operate. We consult. And that’s why we can help you ensure that your water assets are safe and efficient, like ours.

At Entura, we understand that water is precious, for all of us. Climate change, population growth and diminishing storages will increase the pressures on our water resources worldwide.

It’s essential that we plan, manage and store water with the greatest care to ensure it is available when and where it is needed. Our unique asset-owner heritage gives us unparalleled experience in water resource management; in the planning, operations and maintenance of dams and supply infrastructure; and in data management.

Safety is our top priority. We can work with you to help make your dams and water infrastructure safer across all stages of the asset lifecycle. And we can help you to be better prepared to manage flood events with best-practice flood forecasting and early warning systems.

Whatever the nature of your water project, we’ll bring the skills and experience to help you minimise your risks, understand your resource, optimise your design, and satisfy important environmental and safety considerations.