Automation and SCADA

Efficient and robust controls make supervision less onerous, freeing you up to focus on production and your strategic goals.

Great visibility of your plant and processes lets you maximise availability and decrease the impact of failures. Due to our unique asset-owner heritage, we know the value SCADA can bring to a business, particularly the automation of remote but critical infrastructure. 

The benefits of sound automation and SCADA extend far beyond plant safety and security, and enable you to better utilise your personnel – for example, by having better information with which to make call-out decisions.

We can help you ensure the seamless integration of all plant and equipment to SCADA or automation systems to meet any project requirement. Our fluency with multi-vendor SCADA and automation products, backed by a wealth of experience in all facets of engineering and industry sectors, enable us to deliver reliable, up-to-date, future-proofed and functional solutions.

Applying this expertise to your assets gives you the flexibility to enhance your SCADA and automation without necessarily having to make wholesale changes or needing to retire older but still reliable systems. And that means releasing an efficiency dividend for your business.

Our experience spans monitoring and control of hybrid renewable systems, hydropower stations, wind and solar farms, electrical substations, gas stations, pump stations and water/wastewater sites. We can apply the right tools and the expertise to your asset to ensure that your system delivers to your requirements now and into the future.

Our services include:

  • SCADA and automation system testing, evaluation and maintenance
  • design and implementation of substation and generator controls, IEC 61850 systems and RTU telemetry
  • smartgrid demand-side management
  • environmental monitoring
  • capability building.