Strategy and risk

Data management solutions

Ensuring that data is relevant, correctly captured, stored and reported should be a major priority for every business.

The volume of data used in businesses across the world is almost doubling every year. But to be able to make good business decisions, and manage your risks well, your data needs to be of the best quality and available whenever you need it.

So how can a business capitalise on vast quantities of collected data and protect itself from making decisions based on poor data?

Entura can work closely with you to optimise your data acquisition systems and techniques, with a tailored data solution to match your particular requirements. Our solutions are driven by efficiency, safety and quality, and are integrated for business optimisation, operations, compliance and forecasting.

Due to our unique asset-owner heritage, we have been providing integrated data collection services for decades, managing Hydro Tasmania’s extensive water management and power network.  We’ve also helped other clients develop innovative technologies and processes to maximise data surety and integrity.

We understand that the integrity of data starts at the source. Site selection, instrumentation and a genuine understanding of a client’s needs are paramount in collecting and delivering quality data. We also thoroughly understand budget realities, so we will work within your constraints to find a cost-effective solution offering you quality data that is fit for purpose.

Entura can assist you throughout your data journey, to ensure the data you get is the data you need.