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Spatial, GIS and data services

Every project, big or small, requires a solid foundation of spatial information to achieve success.

Spatial data – which represents objects or features in the landscape – must be reliable, fit for purpose and easily integrated across various design platforms. When a project is informed by high-quality, accurate and well-managed spatial information, fewer problems are likely to emerge in project investigations, design and construction. And that means savings in time and money.

Our team are award-winning specialists in spatial and data management, establishing and maintaining clean, reliable data throughout any project, minimising the risks of spatial inaccuracies. We achieve this through our depth of experience in survey design, field and data methodologies, and our proficiency with many spatial tools and technologies. 

We have worked on a broad range of renewable energy projects across Australia, from modelling single switchyards and electricity distribution systems, to water storages and large, landscape-scale hydro generation, including Hydro Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation. The team won top accolades at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards for their work on the important project, supporting its progress through the use of spatial tools in stakeholder engagement and project design.

 Our team has proven expertise in design and asset management of energy and water infrastructure; deformation monitoring for dams; assisting with dam, solar and wind farm design; cadastral surveying for electrical infrastructure; and transmission line surveys. They thrive on developing innovative solutions for complex spatial problems, drawing on our broad capabilities in data acquisition and processing. We use state-of-the-art drone-based LiDAR for terrain modelling, high-end terrestrial laser scanning for indoor and outdoor applications, and high-precision deformation survey equipment. 

Our people are dedicated surveyors, GIS consultants and 3D modellers, who can transform and optimise field data. With such broad capabilities, our team can bring efficiency to your projects, minimising time and costs. 

Our services include: 

  • terrestrial/mobile laser scanning 
  • UAV (drone) aerial survey 
  • RGB, LiDAR and associated modelling 
  • deformation monitoring 
  • cadastral surveys
  • surveys of substations, transmission lines, switchyards, power stations and other electrical infrastructure 
  • data capture systems for asset mapping and management 
  • underground asset location 
  • project-wide data management and data hygiene for CAD and GIS analysis 
  • spatial data management advice 
  • engineering detail and layout.