The Entura clean energy and water institute is an accredited RTO with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector (RTO 40680).

Our RTO  (registered training organisation) scope allows Entura to deliver accredited courses in hydropower operations, dam safety, and water treatment and operations fields. We provide training and/or assessment services for three qualifications from Certificate III to Certificate IV level programs. Two of these are qualifications under the generation sector training package, with a focus on hydropower operations and maintenance. The third is water industry treatment under the national water package. We also offer various units of competency from the Water Industry Operations Certificate II and Certificate III qualifications.

Our hydropower courses provide participants with a detailed learning experience comprised of a mixture of classroom theory, as well as practical demonstrations on live equipment and simulators, to prepare trades-based staff to safely and efficiently operate power generating equipment and associated switchgear.

We have developed a tailored practical program for the training and assessment of operational competency, transferring the practical knowledge of our experienced operational staff to the trainee operator in a structured and certified program. Mentor support by local staff may also provide for further customisation of the training program.

The requirements for granting a qualification are determined by the training package rules. Each qualification has core units and a combination of electives where the sum of the weighting value is in accord with that assigned to the qualification.

To achieve each qualification, or portion thereof, both the essential knowledge and skills, and the practical field-based activities will be assessed.

A summary of our available qualifications are provided below. It is anticipated that, in most cases, this will be at an organisational level, tailored for specific groups. Individuals may be able to join such courses, subject to approval of the client organisation.

UEP30218 – Certificate III in ESI Generation – Operations

Participants gaining this qualification will be able to complete work functions such as local operation of plant systems, isolation of plant systems for work, routine observation and maintenance of plant and equipment in operation, observation of civil plant and infrastructure, and observation of safe working practices and environmental procedures.

NWP30219 – Certificate III in Water Industry Operations – dam safety units of competency

Participants gaining these units of competency will be able to install, monitor, and maintain water industry related instrumentation; and monitor, control, and maintain dams and associated civil works. Successful completion of units NWPCAD007 – NWPCAD011 and NWPCAD013 enables the attainment of the nationally recognised NWPSS00004 Dam Operations Skill Set.  Alternatively, individual or other combinations of the units below can be taken to create and informal skill set.  

  • NWPCAD007 – Inspect, operate and maintain low consequence dams
  • NWPCAD008 – Monitor and control dam operations
  • NWPCAD009 – Monitor and implement dam maintenance
  • NWPCAD010 – Inspect and report on concrete dam safety
  • NWPCAD011 – Inspect and report on embankment dam safety
  • NWPCAD013 – Conduct and report dam safety instrumentation monitoring

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