Supply infrastructure

Water is vital for agriculture and food production, for industry, and for our towns and cities.

Because water and water supply infrastructure are such valuable resources for so many purposes, we need to balance economy with capacity and longevity when designing and developing water supply infrastructure.

When Entura designs and develops water supply infrastructure, we fully consider how the asset will best serve its owner over its full life, how practical and cost-effective it will be to construct, and how to optimise operation and maintenance.

Our expertise and experience in water transfer systems grew over a century of developing, maintaining and operating Tasmania’s hydropower network. This network includes 30 hydropower stations, 55 major dams and 212 km of pipelines. We’ve built on this experience in water supply infrastructure development and operation with 20 years of consulting experience helping clients throughout the Asia-Pacific and southern African regions design and develop cost-effective, efficient and robust water supply infrastructure.

Entura can tailor solutions to your particular situation and requirements. Our highly trained team of engineers and scientists advise on hydrological, environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical and communication aspects and issues.

We have successfully completed many projects for a range of clients. These include managing large programs of work over many years, designing innovative solutions for complex problems, working in remote locations and managing various stakeholders for flagship projects.

We are leaders in the collection and management of hydrographic and environmental data in the water industry. Our specialised team of skilled hydrographers, electronics technicians and data managers use the latest technology for communications, data logging and flow measurements, providing resource monitoring and data acquisition services to national and international clients across a broad range of industries.

Our services include:

  • water supply infrastructure
  • irrigation schemes
  • climate change analysis
  • water management, systems optimisation and water efficiency
  • incorporated mini-hydro
  • resource investigations and inflow forecasting
  • stormwater and flood studies
  • inflow and flood forecasting and monitoring
  • capability development.