Pumping stations

Pumping stations play a crucial role in water transfer, so it is important that they are practical, economical, robust, and easy to operate and maintain.

Pumping stations need to be carefully designed to be cost-effective, to be easy to operate, to minimise ongoing maintenance effort, and to identify and mitigate the risks associated with pressure transients.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Entura has been closely involved in developing and operating the pumping stations in the extensive power and water asset portfolio of Australia’s largest renewable energy generator and water manager. We draw on this real-world, hands-on experience and our expertise in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering and project management, to offer our clients technically innovative and efficient solutions for their own pumping stations.

We’ve built on our experience in water supply infrastructure development and operation with 20 years of consulting experience helping clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region design and develop cost-effective, efficient and robust water supply infrastructure appropriate to their particular needs and conditions.

Our services include:

  • conceptual, feasibility and detailed design studies
  • capacity upgrade and refurbishment studies
  • hydraulic analysis and modelling
  • hydraulic transient studies for pump systems including the interaction with pipelines and valves
  • piping system design
  • pumping station design
  • electrical and control system design
  • geotechnical engineering and assessments
  • structural design
  • SCADA design
  • inspections and condition assessment
  • energy efficiency considerations.