Dam tender and construction support

The consequences of ignoring construction controls are highlighted by the number of dams that did not survive the first filling of the reservoir.

An entirely safe and adequate design prepared by experienced professionals may be completely undone by negligent or substandard execution, even resulting in the failure of the dam. Careful attention to the details of construction is therefore as important as investigation and design.

We have the depth of experience, real-world understanding and expert capability to optimise the construction of your dam project and to minimise risk.

We support clients with design and cost reviews, construction planning, river diversion strategies, flood forecasting, resolution of construction difficulties, project management and construction, environmental management plans and audits.

Our team is experienced in several models for construction, making us an ideal partner whether you are a developer, asset manager or construction company.

We have significant experience with a wide range of dam types across the Indo-Pacific and southern African regions, particularly concrete-faced rockfill dams and roller-compacted concrete dams. We are recognised as an international industry leader in these dams, refining their accepted design and construction methods.

We can also support you in the role of owner’s engineer or independent expert or reviewer, offering you reliable guidance and advice so that you can confidently navigate the challenges of tendering and constructing new dams or dam upgrades.

Our services include:

  • preparation of tender and contract documentation
  • construction scheduling, methods and equipment
  • cost estimation
  • technical design support
  • flood forecasting and environmental management planning for construction
  • dam safety emergency plans for construction
  • construction supervision and quality control
  • owner’s engineer, expert and peer review
  • advice on commissioning,
  • acceptance testing of construction works
  • review and update changes to O&M manual implemented by construction contractor.