Development, design and construction

Successful, sustainable hydropower development is built on properly understanding and managing risks at every stage of the process.

Hydropower development projects need to balance many objectives. Each project will have its own particular engineering, environmental, social, economic and commercial goals. Whether driven by the need to access funding, gain surety for investment or achieve world-class sustainability standards, the requirement is greater than ever to balance these goals with a true commitment to sustainable power development and operation.

Entura has developed a practical and relevant methodology to support our clients to identify and mitigate risks and apply sustainability principles throughout all phases of hydropower development – from initial consideration and option analysis through to pre-feasibility, full feasibility, impact assessment, development, operations and ongoing capability development.

You can be confident that our hydropower specialists are at the forefront of new developments in this field, and take a holistic approach to their work.

We offer our clients around the world tailored design and development solutions for hydropower developments that fully attend to the uniqueness of the site, relevant risks and local conditions, and aim for the most sustainable outcomes.

We pride ourselves on designing safe dams and safe hydropower stations. For us, safety is a consideration that extends far beyond the present or even the notional design life of the asset, and includes long-term safe operation and maintenance.

We have designed hydropower projects across the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, supporting projects with our reliable expertise, collaborative approach and innovative solutions from site identification to feasibility studies and investigation, throughout preliminary and detailed design, and right through construction. Entura’s design services often continue into the construction phase, with design support during construction or through an owner’s engineer role.

Our services include:

  • project management and development
  • site investigation programs, feasibility studies and project optimisation
  • detailed design, technical specifications and contract documentation
  • safety in design to ensure safe construction methodology and future O&M
  • construction supervision, support and owner’s engineer role
  • training for developers and government authorities, with focus on project risk, project lifecycle and project bankability.