Battery energy storage

Batteries offer extraordinary potential for enabling higher proportions of renewable generation in our energy future.

As energy markets embrace more clean energy and reduce thermal generation, we will need large-scale storage solutions which can also provide necessary and complex grid support functions. Batteries have a big role to play here, particularly in firming up isolated parts of the network.

‘Behind-the-meter’ opportunities are also emerging, such as coupling batteries with a wind farm or solar farm. Adding battery storage can help to control the inherent variation in renewable generation, making generation more predictable and getting value from excess generation.

Battery technologies, applications, capability, economics and opportunities are evolving very quickly. This is the time to build your understanding of batteries, so you can make confident decisions about whether, when and how to embrace batteries as your energy storage solution.

Batteries are highly proprietary, vary widely, and there is not yet a functional standard for their specification or operation. This creates a degree of risk, so you need experienced guidance in specification, procurement and testing in particular. 

We can offer you a careful, informed and strategic approach to battery solutions, based on our extensive practical experience in integrating renewables and depth of grid modelling capability.

We’ve worked across Australia and the Pacific with large-scale batteries in both on-grid and off-grid projects, including megawatt-scale systems capable of 100% renewables.

Our services include

  • performance modelling
  • cost-benefit studies
  • feasibility
  • system modelling
  • integrated grid modelling
  • system studies and R2
  • technical specification including functional guarantees
  • procurement and contract negotiation
  • contract management and administration
  • design review
  • detailed factory and site acceptance testing
  • commissioning
  • performance assessment
  • control
  • system integration and operation
  • operational tuning.