Water infrastructure planning and optimisation

Dams, pipelines and irrigation networks are built for the long term and require a significant investment to develop and operate effectively.

Planning to deliver sustainable outcomes across the entire lifecycle of water infrastructure assets can be a complex and challenging balancing act, with many factors to be considered including feasibility, design life, operational and capital costs, and sustainability.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest water manager, Entura can tap into more than 100 years of experience managing our own assets to assist clients with managing theirs.

We partner with our clients across all phases of water infrastructure planning to understand their unique challenges and deliver the right solutions to help overcome them in a sustainable manner, continuously improving efficiency, productivity and safety standards.

Our water infrastructure planning and optimisation services include:

  • feasibility investigations
  • resource investigations, catchment yield assessment, climate change impacts
  • business case development
  • route selection
  • system design and optimisation, including energy recovery through mini-hydro
  • permits and approvals
  • asset condition monitoring, testing and inspection
  • asset maintenance optimisation and integration services
  • efficiency analysis
  • due diligence.