Power systems

To reap the cost savings and performance benefits of efficiently designed networks that operate effectively, you need power systems experts who fully understand how power networks behave under highly volatile or wide ranges of operation.

You also need to find innovative solutions if you want to resolve network performance and connection issues, overcome plant or network deficiencies to meet regulatory requirements, or optimise your power systems for effective and efficient operation.

We can help you achieve better products and project outcomes because we bring together high-level technical expertise, real-world experience and outside-the-box thinking. 

We work closely with network service providers and manufacturers, and we understand developing and established technologies and how they can be applied in power systems.

We can apply the right approach to achieve the best outcomes for your project, drawing on a wide range of tools including PSSe, DigSilent PowerFactory, PSCAD, MUDPAK, Sincal and Matlab/Simulink.

Our experience across Australia and internationally, from small islanded networks up to large interconnected networks such as the NEM, means that we know how to streamline and target studies to your challenge while appropriately examining and managing relevant sensitivities.

We enjoy good working relationships with network service providers across Australia, we engage regularly with CIGRE, the IEA and the Clean Energy Council, and we provide advice to AEMO and other regulators.