Strategy and risk

Environmental planning, approvals and management

Power and water projects are far less likely to run into trouble if all the relevant environmental and social risks have been carefully identified and managed.

Environmental and social risks are likely to be part of any power and water infrastructure project, from the earliest stages, through construction, during operation, and even at end of life.

Assessing environmental and social factors early in the planning and investigative stages of a project will reduce risks of budget and schedule overruns. Assessment is also critical to implementing the project as it often forms part of mandatory approvals, management systems or plans, compliance inspections and audits.

Gaining approval to develop can be challenging, with many aspects to be investigated, considered and managed. Regulators may require onerous compliance regimes or conditions to operate. Our experience ensures that our clients gain approval as smoothly and quickly as possible, with compliance obligations appropriate to the anticipated impacts and relevant regulations.

Power and water utilities and developers often manage or influence large areas of natural assets, some of which may be protected by law. By making structured, systematic and proactive efforts to manage environmental issues throughout the project lifecycle you will pave the way to environmental sustainability, project success, social licence and a positive reputation.

We can help you navigate complex environmental and social compliance regulations. Our impact assessment activities have helped gain approvals, win stakeholder and community support, and minimise risk for a range of hydropower, renewables and water infrastructure developments.

Our comprehensive approach creates simplicity for complex projects, whatever your project type or location. We have experience in local, state and Commonwealth permit processes and environmental law in Australia, as well as experience in environmental and social legislation and permit requirements in Asia and the Pacific.

Our services include:

  • managing and negotiating approvals processes
  • strategic advice, environmental planning and law
  • route and site selection
  • complete environmental assessments including vegetation and habitat assessment and mapping, flora and fauna survey and ecological monitoring
  • threatened species assessment and management
  • social and heritage impact assessments
  • environmental risk management
  • stakeholder engagement and public consultation
  • construction and operational environmental management including environmental management plans, monitoring, training/capacity building and auditing
  • technical and peer review.