Pumped hydro energy storage

Pumped hydro energy storage is resurging in popularity across the globe as governments and utilities seek to ensure grid stability in markets with increasing penetration of renewables.

Around the world, pumped hydro energy storage projects make up the vast majority of grid energy storage and have traditionally been used to supply additional power to a grid during times of highest demand and to provide frequency control ancillary services (FCAS).

As generation from renewable sources increases, energy markets are changing to the point where electricity prices during the day can be very low, with peak power prices shifting to later in the day when the sun sets and the wind drops. Pumped hydro projects can take advantage of this change in market conditions by pumping when power prices are low, and generating using stored water when prices are at their peak.

We believe that the future of the energy sector relies on ‘dispatchable renewables’, where renewable generation combines with long-term energy storage. We have tuned our capabilities accordingly, combining significant expertise in utility-scale hydropower, solar and wind farms and hybrid projects with power systems analysis and grid connection.

For successful pumped hydro projects, developers need to identify a viable site, achieve a technically and commercially feasible design, and make the most of the economics of the energy market. Entura has worked with various project developers to assist them with choosing the right site and developing technical feasibility studies.

Our services include:

  • concept studies
  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • resource assessments and energy estimates
  • pumped hydro technology assessments
  • community consultation
  • planning permits and environmental impact assessments
  • power system studies and grid connection compliance testing
  • design services
  • operational support
  • options studies
  • technical due diligence
  • advisory services to prospective investors
  • owner’s engineer role
  • ECI and EPC designs.