Irrigation of fertile lands lacking naturally sufficient rainfall has been practised for more than 2000 years, enabling the sustainable food production that is fundamental for progress.

Irrigation schemes often cover large areas and require significant financial resources, so they need to be expertly planned and seamlessly coordinated, with specialist input across a wide range of necessary technical, environmental and consultative activities.

Entura is experienced in planning and designing irrigation schemes, and we have the full range of expertise – in surveying, environmental investigation and approvals, GIS, regional flood modelling, road network planning, and all aspects of water engineering – to be able to offer you confidence in the success of your irrigation projects.

Irrigation planning 

Planning of large-area rural subdivisions such as irrigation schemes often requires coordination of numerous activities such as large-scale survey data acquisition, regional flood modelling, locality-typical agriculture and agriculture economics analysis, road network planning, flora and fauna analysis, power reticulation, together with high-level community and stakeholder consultation.

Entura has successfully planned irrigation schemes covering areas between 1000 and 10 000 hectares, in regions ranging from dry tropical to dry temperate.

Our team has a depth of knowledge of the planning processes for major water infrastructure projects and, in conjunction with our GIS, survey and mapping facilities, we can coordinate the planning of irrigation projects on a large spatial scale.

We have also drawn on our experience and our range of expertise to advise and assist governments, government departments and irrigation development instrumentalities with their planning of irrigation schemes.

Technical design

Progressing an irrigation scheme development from concept to final design and into the construction phase requires integration of specialised technical skills such as subdivision experience, GIS and mapping, flood and drainage planning, and road network planning.

Entura has assisted a range of clients – from government departments through to appointed scheme constructors – with expert technical design for practical, cost-effective and robust irrigation schemes.

Our engineering and scientific teams have wide experience in water infrastructure planning, and have designed water reticulation networks (both pipe and open channel), drainage networks, flood protection systems, and bitumen and gravel roads for a number of irrigation schemes.