Can hydropower resolve the energy crisis? Join our webinar on Global Hydropower Day

September 20, 2022

Entura celebrated Global Hydropower Day with a webinar including some of our sharpest minds.

Hydropower has been around for centuries, but seems new again on Global Hydropower Day. Where are we now, and where might we be going? Can hydropower make the difference in resolving the energy crisis and smoothing the energy transition?

Opening this webinar was our special guest, Roger Gill, President of the International Hydropower Association.

Our facilitator was Dale Bryce, Director Hydropower and Headworks, and our panellists were:

  • Dr Amanda Ashworth, Director Strategy, Sales and Commercial
  • Richard Herweynen, Principal Consultant – Civil
  • Donald Vaughan, Principal Consultant – Electrical Primary Systems
  • Rajeev Raina, Resident Director India.

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