Entura updates Business Continuity Plan to respond to COVID-19 Delta variant

August 13, 2021

At Entura, we remain committed to you and your projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherever we are.

Local outbreaks of the hyper-contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 have given us all pause to consider further continuous improvement in our joint Safety and Business Continuity Planning.

Underpinned by a safety-first approach, we continue to flex and explore opportunities to progress your projects in what remain uncertain times, for you and for us.

Our people across Australia and in India continue to adapt as this pandemic evolves. Our offices have cycled through re-opening, closures and opening again, according to local lockdown requirements, with hybrid working now normal for you and us. Field work continues, where possible, under strict local protocols, with inter-state travel restrictions in place and international travel on hold.

We have become adroit at re-scoping and rescheduling projects and redirecting effort, and will continue to work with you to agree the best way forward for your project, all things considered.

Let’s keep working together to find a safe way through this maze that is COVID-19, and its Delta variant.

Please contact us if you need to find out more about our response, or download our Business Continuity Plan summary here.