Entura’s Technical Leadership Team expands with new Senior Principal appointments

June 21, 2023

Entura’s Technical Leadership Team is undergoing an exciting period of growth with the appointment of two new Senior Principals.

Dr Andrew Wright will move into the role of Senior Principal, Renewables & Energy Storage, while Dr Colin Terry has been appointed as Senior Principal, Water (Hydraulics/Hydrology). This comes as a natural career progression for both specialists, who have been engineering professionals for over 20 years.

Andrew joined Entura in 2005 as a technical consultant. Since then, he has held several positions in Entura’s Renewables Development Team, including Technical Specialist, Technical Lead, Project Manager and Team Leader.

He has been involved in several-high profile renewable energy developments, such as Hydro Tasmania’s King Island and Flinders Island hybrid renewable energy systems, Mannar Wind Farm in Sri Lanka, and Tasmania’s Musselroe, Granville Harbour and Cattle Hill Wind Farm projects.

Andrew has co-authored several industry papers, and is committed to furthering his own professional development as well as that of his peers.

“This is a new position for me, but also for the business, that recognises the important place that renewables has within our organisation and the industry in general,” said Andrew of his appointment.

“I’m grateful to have received this opportunity, and look forward to further strengthening Entura’s renewables capabilities in this exciting phase of the clean energy transition.”

Andrew in King Island, Tasmania.

Colin, Entura’s newly appointed Senior Principal, Water (Hydraulics/Hydrology), joined the business more recently in 2018, but is backed by 30 years of engineering expertise. He has held a strong water focus throughout his career, with skills in modelling, design and construction. He has worked at senior technical levels of small and large organisations, and is well-versed in many aspects of the water cycle within Australia and New Zealand.

Colin’s experience includes planning town water supplies and sources, civil design to support commercial buildings and subdivisions, and flood management. Through Entura, he has been involved in several flood management projects for councils such as Latrobe, Central Coast and Kingborough; impacts assessment for the hydrodynamics of the new Bridgewater Bridge in the River Derwent, and CFD modelling of the intake for the Tarraleah hydro power redevelopment.

“I’m excited for this leadership opportunity in the water space, and the mentoring opportunities it provides,” said Colin. “I was fortunate enough to learn from other enthusiastic specialists who were incredibly knowledgeable in their craft, and I hope to be that person for others on the team.”

Colin in the field, Tasmania.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Andrew and Colin to the Technical Leadership Team,” added Katrina McDougall, Acting Director Water & Renewables. “They are specialists in their respective fields with technical skills and capabilities that will be invaluable to their colleagues and our clients going forward.”

Andrew and Colin join previously announced Senior Principals Paul Southcott, Dams & Headworks, and David Wilkey, Grid & Power.

Paul joined Entura in 2000 as a senior dams engineer. During his time at the business, he has led the dams team and acted as Entura’s principal civil engineer. He is a respected dams specialist and was recognised as Tasmania’s Professional Engineer of the Year in Engineers Australia’s 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards. Paul holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Master of Engineering Studies (Structural and Foundation Engineering) and is a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Paul has contributed to many major dam and hydropower projects in Australia and abroad, including Battery of the Nation, the Tarraleah hydropower scheme, SeqWater, Sun Water, SAWater and Snowy Hydro. His expertise is a crucial part of Entura’s ongoing support for upgrade and safety works for Hydro Tasmania’s and TasWater’s extensive dams portfolios.

Paul is passionate about furthering the engineering profession through knowledge sharing, and has supported many young and emerging engineers through training and mentoring.

Entura’s Director, Hydropower & Headworks, Dale Bryce said, “This is a great appointment. Our new Senior Principal positions are all about entrenching and enhancing our technical leadership.”

“Paul is widely recognised as a leader in the industry and has been active in ANCOLD through contributions to guideline development and numerous conference papers. He brings 30+ years’ experience in the industry, with a career covering all aspects of the lifecycle of dams, but also hydropower and pumped hydro development, and as an educator.”

“It’s an exciting time of growth and development in the dams and hydropower space, and I look forward to continuing to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients and their projects,” said Paul.

“I’m also excited for the mentoring and teaching opportunities this role provides. Entura have a fantastic team of dams and hydropower engineers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working closely during my 23 years with the business, and I am excited to be part of the team’s ongoing development.”

Entura’s new Senior Principal David Wilkey joined Entura in 2006 as a specialist electrical engineer. He then became a principal engineer for secondary electrical systems, where he provided high-level technical expertise to the electrical teams. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) and a Graduate Diploma in Science (Mathematics).

David’s expertise covers multiple facets of electrical engineering, with a particular focus on electrical protection, power systems studies and rotating electrical machines. He has worked on several key projects for Entura’s clients locally and internationally, including Clermont Solar Farm, Genex Power’s Kidston Pumped Storage Hydropower Project and due diligence for Australia’s Electricity Market Operator (AEMO).

“I’m excited for this opportunity to continue delivering technical expertise to client’s and their projects, while also taking on more leadership within the business. My journey at Entura has been pleasantly progressive, and I look forward to the new challenges this role will bring,” added David Wilkey.

Paul and David’s roles are two of six new Senior Principal positions created to provide leadership and growth opportunities for Entura’s senior technical experts. The Senior Principals will drive client engagement and provide mentoring and support for other engineers to develop their careers.

“These roles are a testament to Entura’s commitment to providing our clients with access to the most experienced specialists, as well as celebrating and acknowledging the professional development and capabilities of our people,” said Entura’s Managing Director, Tammy Chu.

“Andrew, Colin, Paul and David are excellent additions to the technical leadership team, and we welcome their continued growth and contributions.”