Entura proudly contributes hydropower insights and expertise at World Hydropower Congress

November 8, 2023

Entura has shared valuable hydropower insights and expertise at the 2023 World Hydropower Congress in Indonesia.

From 31 October to 2 November, more than 1000 decision-makers, energy experts and industry leaders from 50 countries came together in Bali to discuss hydropower’s role in powering sustainable growth. Panels, workshops and networking events explored everything from market frameworks to financing and hydropower’s role in decarbonisation.

Upon the opening of the event, Indonesian President HE Joko Widodo said, “I hope this congress will help with international collaboration for sustainable hydropower to help develop a sustainable green global economy.”

The congress provided a stage for high-level policy statements, recommendations, and commitments to further sustainable hydropower. This included the launch of the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance, which is designed to enhance transparency in the sector

The Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth was released at the congress, calling for sustainable hydropower to be the backbone of national strategies to build thriving, low-carbon economies, bolstered by clean, renewable energy. It was proudly supported by both Entura and Hydro Tasmania.

Attendees included Entura’s Managing Director, Tammy Chu, and Director of Sales, Strategy and Commercial, Dr Amanda Ashworth, as well as Hydro Tasmania CEO Ian Brooksbank, and Program Manager, Battery of the Nation ESG and Approval, Donna Brown.

Tammy facilitated a panel discussion on ‘Transforming the hydropower workforce for a just transition’, which explored opportunities and challenges in securing the next-generation workforce to deliver a hydropower resurgence.

“A major challenge for the clean energy sector is ensuring that we will have enough skilled workers to enable the mammoth task ahead, while also ensuring that no one is left behind and the transition is both fast and fair,” she said.

Ian participated in a session on powering the clean energy transition in East Asia and the Pacific, which included updates and country profiles from local experts.

The World Hydropower Congress also marked the end of Roger Gill’s tenure as President of the International Hydropower Association. The baton has now been passed to former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Four key deliverables were met during the congress. These include:

  • reaching consensus on policy and finance recommendations for advancing the clean energy transition to deliver COP28
  • breaking down barriers to the development of renewables by advancing policy and investment-driven solutions
  • demonstrating how complementary renewable technologies can be harnessed to fast-track the shift away from coal
  • highlighting the immense untapped hydropower potential that exists in many regions of the world, particularly Asia and Africa.

“It was a highlight for me to meet our clients and industry peers, and create shared experiences at the congress. The hydropower industry has many challenges and opportunities that it needs to work with, and this event has helped us all to focus on the priorities and solutions,” said Amanda. 

With Entura’s unique asset-owner heritage as part of Hydro Tasmania, our history is steeped in hydropower. We have supported hydropower developments in South and South East Asia, the Pacific, Africa and Australia, across all stages of the project lifecycle.