Entura supports Australian Energy Mission to Thailand and Vietnam

May 3, 2023

Entura proudly supported the recent Australian Energy Mission to Thailand and Vietnam, which took place in March.

Led by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, the mission aimed to share Australia’s expertise and capabilities in renewable energy, energy storage solutions and new technologies for energy efficiency with partners in Thailand and Vietnam.

Entura was among the renewable energy organisations invited to join the delegation, which travelled to Bangkok, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. There were a number of networking opportunities and forums held over the week-long program, with our Director of Strategy, Sales and Commercial, Dr Amanda Ashworth, attending. (or which our Director … attended)

“It was an honour to be part of this important Energy Mission and be able to share our expertise with key local stakeholders,” said Dr Ashworth. “Vietnam and Thailand are both making strong progress towards their renewable energy targets and playing active roles in the global energy transition.”

Dr Ashworth took part in panel discussions in both countries to address their specific goals and current position in the clean energy landscape. In Bangkok, she drew on Entura’s portfolio of off-grid hybrid renewable projects in both the Pacific and Australian mining sector to provide insights into integration and hybrid technologies.

“Thailand has experienced strong growth in its energy sector over the past 15 years, and has strong national infrastructure,” Dr Ashworth said. “The country is looking to optimise its existing facilities and increase its hybrid renewable energy generation, which Entura is well placed to support.”  

In Hanoi, she joined a forum conversation on the role of hydropower and pumped hydro storage in the energy transition generation mix and opportunities for optimisation of existing hydropower combined with potential new developments, grounded in Entura’s long-standing technical hydropower experience.

“Australia and Vietnam have similar net zero timeframes and there are synergies between the commitments of our two countries,” she said. “With Entura’s extensive experience in the Australian renewables sector, we are able to make informed recommendations for optimisations that can be implemented into Vietnam’s existing energy system to support these goals.”

“This visit was also very special as it follows the 50th anniversary of Vietnam and Australia’s diplomatic relationship. It was a privilege to meet and engage with local stakeholders and we look forward to strengthening this relationship moving forward.”