Entura’s Managing Director invited to Canberra for Filipino President’s address to Parliament

March 12, 2024

Entura’s Managing Director, Tammy Chu, travelled to Canberra last month to be present for the address to Parliament by the President of the Republic of Philippines, Ferdinand R Marcos Jr..  

Tammy was invited by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to attend the address. This comes as the result of Entura’s continued relationship with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, our attendance at recent international summits and talks such as the World Hydropower Congress, and Tammy’s involvement in sharing Entura’s sustainable energy mission with other global leaders to build reciprocal relations.  

During his address, President Marcos Jr. spoke to the challenges and issues facing both the Philippines and Australia, and our strength in facing these together.  

“We collaborate to strengthen and seek new business links, to bolster our economic security, and to develop responses to economic coercion. We work together to promote and enhance the flow of environmentally sustainable investment and to explore cooperation on mineral resources development and climate and energy transition,” he said.  

“Ultimately, our partnership finds its anchor in our common commitment to ensuring that this region keeps to the path of peace, builds resilience, remains focused on delivering dividends to our citizens and our communities.” 

He also spoke about the looming threat of climate change, saying: “My administration is committed to accelerating our just, affordable, sustainable, and inclusive energy transition towards carbon neutrality.” 

“The Philippines has the potential to be a net carbon sink, absorbing more carbon dioxide than we emit. Yet, we are one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world, ranking first in the 2023 World Risk Index. 

This glaring disproportion between our share of responsibility and our vulnerability reflects an injustice that must be corrected. Developed countries must do more. And they must do it now,” he said.  

“It was an honour to be invited to Parliament House to hear President Marcos Jr. deliver his address,” said Entura’s Managing Director, Tammy Chu.  

Entura is proud of our role in strengthening the relationship and collaboration between our two countries. We continue to support our clients in the region with their renewable energy developments and share knowledge through training programs delivered by our clean energy and water institute.”  

“As President Marcos Jr. expressed, the Philippines are committed to reaching carbon neutrality through a sustainable, inclusive, affordable, and just energy transition. We are equally committed to supporting them on this journey to achieve mutually beneficial economic, sustainability, environmental and social outcomes, and extend the Australia-Philippines relationship.”  

Entura has supported several dam and hydropower projects in the Philippines, including Bulanog Batang hydropower plant and a failure modes assessment for a series of multipurpose dams