Entura’s specialists share industry insights at 2022 ANCOLD NZSOLD Conference

November 7, 2022

Entura specialists have shared their insights at this year’s ANCOLD / NZSOLD conference, a meeting of the Australian and New Zealand National Committees on Large Dams in Sydney last week.

It was the first time the three-day event had been held in person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with this year’s focus on ‘Sustainable Dams in a Climate of Change’.

A cohort of Entura’s civil and mechanical engineers attended the conference to share knowledge and engage with industry peers from across Australia and New Zealand, with five of our people giving presentations of their own.

This included Daniel Jirik’s presentation on innovative solutions allowing the use of challenging earthfill materials, informed by his work on TasWater’s Henderson Dam upgrade, and Beth Scott and Rebecca Dew’s joint paper on feasibility studies for Tasmania’s Cethana Pumped Hydro Scheme.

Principal Consultant Richard Herweynen delivered a presentation on Samoa’s multi-purpose Alaoa Dam, while Sasha Longo spoke about the novel use of plastic concrete for cofferdam construction.

“The annual ANCOLD conference is a great opportunity for us to spread the word about the exciting work we do at Entura and connect with like-minded industry professionals,” said Beth.

“We’re thrilled to have had a presence at this year’s event, as speakers, sponsors and an ANCOLD Sustaining Member.”

“Large Dams are what we do. We value the leadership of ANCOLD in encouraging and extending good practice in all aspects of dam engineering and management, to deliver safe, sustainable and resilient water infrastructure that can support the clean energy transition and provide greater security to communities in a changing climate,” said Dale Bryce, Entura’s Director Hydropower & Headworks.

Entura is actively supporting the energy transition through our work on many renewable energy and storage projects, including a number of hydropower initiatives. These include Hydro Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation, Genex Power’s Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project and a new off-creek storage dam in Walcha, New South Wales.

A number of our Directors and Technical specialists recently engaged in a panel discussion to celebrate Global Hydropower Day. During the webinar, they explored the opportunities and challenges confronting the energy sector and the role of hydropower in resolving the energy crisis. You can watch it here.