Entura appointed to advise on dam investigation and engineering design in Nepal

October 9, 2015

Specialist power and water consulting firm Entura has been selected by the Department of Irrigation of the Government of Nepal and the Asian Development Bank to deliver consulting services for the investigation and detailed engineering design of the Nagmati Dam.

Located near Kathmandu, the Nagmati Dam is part of the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project, which aims to improve water security and resilience to potential climate change impact in the Bagmati River Basin. The project will build on the community’s desire to restore the river environment in the Kathmandu Valley. It will also support the Government’s efforts to improve irrigation development and mitigate the impact of water-induced disasters in the middle and lower reaches of the basin.

“Entura will be the lead consultant for this assignment, which is expected to take 14 months to be completed, in two stages,” said Entura’s International Business Development Director.

“The scope of the initial stage includes the specification and supervision of additional investigation works, additional analysis, and updating the feasibility study,” explained Mr Sharma. “The second stage includes design of access roads, dam design analysis, development of reservoir operation rules, and preparation of tender documents for construction.”

The project will be delivered by a team of specialists from Entura’s offices in Australia and India.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, Entura draws on more than 100 years of experience of planning, building, managing and maintaining the many dams of Tasmania’s hydroelectric power system.

Entura has undertaken detailed design for many of Australia’s key new dam projects over the past decade, including Wyaralong Dam and Bromelton Offstream Storage in Queensland, the Samson Brook Pipehead Dam in Western Australia, the enlarged Cotter Dam in the ACT, and the Meander Dam in Tasmania.

The firm has also been working with clients around the globe, undertaking the design of a number of international hydropower projects over the past decade, including Chanju-I in India, Dordi Khola in Nepal, Nam Pha Gani in Laos, and Neusberg in South Africa.