Sarawak Energy engages Entura to further develop hydropower capability

October 7, 2016

Specialist power and water consulting firm Entura has been appointed by Sarawak’s vertically integrated utility and power development company Sarawak Energy to deliver a comprehensive hydropower training program to more than 130 employees over the next 18 months.

The training will be delivered through the Entura clean energy and water institute to a broad range of employees, from administration staff through to operators and engineers.

“Our people are our most valuable asset and we’re committed to investing in their development as we work to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for Sarawak by meeting the region’s need for reliable, renewable energy,” said Ir Polycarp HF Wong, Sarawak Energy’s Vice President for Hydro.

“Currently Sarawak’s generation mix is at 75% hydro with the remainder from thermal sources of coal and gas.  With the commissioning of Murum HEP (944MW) and more hydropower projects in the pipeline, it is imperative for Sarawak Energy to develop a more skilled workforce to develop, safely operate and maintain our hydropower assets.”

The training program design is being finalised this week in Kuching to enable implementation to start later in October. Knowledge transfer will be at the heart of the program to ensure Sarawak Energy’s in-house trainers have the right knowledge and skills to take the training forward.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Sarawak Energy to share our asset owner expertise and help develop their people,” said Dr Amanda Ashworth, Entura clean energy and water institute Business Manager.

“Integrating learning and development into business planning and operations is one way to ensure that capability development programs are designed in the context of strategy and initiatives, workforce planning, operational plans, functional structures and mechanisms, and risk management activities,” explained Dr Ashworth.

“Leading utilities around the world are starting to see the need to invest in the development of their people as well as their systems and processes to help ensure implementation of sound business strategy and Sarawak Energy is leading the way in the region.”

Entura has had a successful working relationship with Sarawak Energy over the last eight years, supporting its capacity and capability development goals through secondments, knowledge transfer during consultancy projects, and formal theory and practice training.

The Entura clean energy and water institute delivers training in hydropower, wind, solar and water management. Its courses are tailored to upskill businesses, particularly asset owners, in clean energy technologies and water management.

An accredited training organisation in Australia, the Entura clean energy and water institute collaborates with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok and Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kuala Lumpur, to deliver specialised courses in the south and south-east Asian region. AIT is working with Entura in the initial phase of Sarawak Energy’s training program.