Teaching the world about renewable energy

December 11, 2012

A Tasmanian-based teaching facility officially opened today is expected to be a drawcard for international energy and water businesses looking to upskill their workforces.

The Entura clean energy and water institute will deliver a range of courses for utilities, businesses and individuals in the areas of clean energy, including hydro, wind and solar and in water management.

“Energy and water are critical resources for society. Many businesses are new to clean technologies and require training in incorporating such technologies successfully within their energy portfolios in an effective and sustainable manner,” said Hydro Tasmania CEO Roy Adair.

Hydro Tasmania’s consulting business Entura has been delivering targeted training along with capacity development services for the past 20 years as part of its suite of consulting services. Training has been delivered in countries including Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Malaysia, China and Cambodia, as well as training for local businesses within Tasmania.

The new Institute is based at Entura’s Hobart office and has dedicated training facilities for classes of up to 30 students as well as facilities for smaller workshops and seminars.

“The Institute provides a platform to formalise and expand Entura’s training provision,” said Mr Adair.

“Working with businesses in remote and international locations requires innovative thinking around course delivery. While the Institute will be headquartered in Hobart, its services may also be provided: on site at the workplaces of businesses in other countries; in the field using Hydro Tasmania’s strong asset base to provide real-world experience; or through use of webex and other online technologies. Training will be appropriately tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.”

Courses are targeted at up-skilling businesses, particularly asset owners, in clean energy technologies and water management. The courses have been designed drawing on Hydro Tasmania’s 100 years of experience and expertise in planning, developing, operating and maintaining energy and water infrastructure.

The institute will target both national and international clients, in markets including Australia, Asia, the Pacific and Southern Africa. Courses will be delivered by technical experts within the Entura and Hydro Tasmania business, and by strategic partners in the venture including the University of Tasmania and the Asian Institute of Technology.

The Institute will deliver its first formal course in sustainable hydropower development in February next year to a delegation of senior managers/bureaucrats from Laos.