Condabri North, Central and South - 132 kV substations

Client: Downer EDI/Powerlink
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: January 2012 – June 2013

Designing and testing new substations to reliably and securely connect dedicated customers


Powerlink Queensland operates the Queensland electricity transmission grid which delivers safe, secure and sufficient electricity from power generators to electricity distribution networks supplying more than 2 million customers.

Under the Powerlink Substation Panel Agreement, Entura is the nominated design partner for Downer EDI. The purpose of the development of the three Condabri substations was to provide electricity supply to the APLNG-owned plants performing Liquid Natural Gas compression, and associated loads.


Entura provided a total design package to Downer EDI for this substation development, including primary and secondary design and testing.

Primary electrical design included general arrangement and sections, short-circuit forces, insulation coordination, lightning protection, lighting and earthing.

Secondary systems design included low-voltage AC systems, DC system, transmission line protection, transformer CB management protection, bus coupler and bus zone protection, and development of protection relay settings.

The construction stage involved civil and structural earthworks including sediment and erosion control plans for construction, developing and installing the communication infrastructure, and providing testing services (factory and site acceptance) for the secondary systems and the earthing system.


Entura’s expertise, timely delivery and support of design packages for the three Condabri substations resulted in construction and commissioning to be successfully completed quickly, efficiently and safely in line with Powerlink’s project goals and ahead of time in anticipation of APLNG connections.

The timing of design activities were successfully planned by Entura in order to apply a standardised design across all three substations, which subsequently assisted the efficiency of construction and commissioning activities.