Yap hybrid renewable energy system

Client: Yap State Public Service Corporation (funded by the Asian Development Bank)
Location: Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
Date: 2014–2017

Developing and integrating a renewable power system to provide secure and sustainable electricity in remote areas.


Yap is an island of the Federated States of Micronesia, in the Western Pacific Ocean. Around 10 000 people live on the island. The current power station houses four diesel generators with a very limited amount of renewable energy distributed throughout the power system. Entura was engaged by Yap State Public Service Corporation (YSPSC) as the design and supervision consultant for the Yap Renewable Energy Development Project (YREDP), which aims to reduce long-term energy costs and increase self-sufficiency and energy security through an energy-efficient, high-penetration renewable energy power system.


Entura assessed the original YREDP concept designs and determined the most appropriate hybrid diesel/renewable energy remote area power system that would displace the greatest amount of diesel fuel within the project’s budgetary constraints.

Entura undertook all the necessary assessments, network modelling and investigations to design and specify an integrated renewable energy system to meet the 2.2 MW load, using 825kW of wind generation, 500 kW of grid-connected solar energy and three high-speed, responsive diesel generators. The overall architecture of Yap’s integrated high-penetration renewable energy system, combined with an innovative automated integration and control system, balances and maintains the security of the energy supply, and also maximises the amount of renewable energy used on the island.

With the project’s feasibility and procurement stage complete, it is now in the installation phase. As the design and supervision consultant, Entura will provide owner’s engineer services on site during construction and commissioning.  A capacity strengthening program for YSPSC has been adopted throughout the project and includes training for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the power system.


Now completed, the project aims to enable Yap to experience up to 70 per cent instantaneous renewable penetration when conditions allow. The project will provide access to clean, secure modern energy generation, fostering Yap’s social and economic development, and reducing the reliance on generation from diesel.

One of the project highlights is that Yap power system is now placed on the right track for easier future integration of additional renewable energy generation, which will further reduce diesel generation, lower emissions, and help the Federal States of Micronesia to reach its energy action targets.

Entura’s capacity-building activities aim to ensure that the client and the community can operate, maintain, optimise, further develop and efficiently maintain their power system in the future.