Isolated Power Systems Connect 2016

28 November – 2 December 2016

Hosted by University of Tasmania, Hydro Tasmania and Entura clean energy and water institute.

The Isolated Power Systems (IPS) Connect event  is an international technology forum for system operators and owners. The second annual event will be held on Flinders Island, Tasmania coinciding with the launch of Hydro Tasmania’s newly commissioned Flinders Island Hybrid Energy Hub. The event brings together policy makers, project owners, and experienced technology experts to share unique experiences in developing or operating renewable hybrid energy systems.

The event comprises:

  • 2 days professional development hosted by Entura clean energy and water institute AND/OR
  • 2 days technical workshop
  • 1 day networking tours

Professional development

For the first time, the IPS Connect event will include a two day professional development course on planning and implementing off-grid hybrid projects, giving the opportunity for participants to spend a whole week on beautiful Flinders Island, off the coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Each island power system project is unique in the energy resources available, load profile, goals of the proponent, specifications of the power system and the logistical challenges presented by the remote location.

This two day course uses the extensive knowledge and experience within Entura and Hydro Tasmania to bring a pragmatic approach to project planning and implementation of renewable hybrid projects.

Participants will gain insights into issues specific to these kinds of projects and will have the unique opportunity to observe Hydro Tasmania’s newly commissioned Flinders Island Hybrid Energy Hub.

You can register for professional development and/or the technical workshop components.

Download the full program for more information or the registration form.