Isolated hybrid renewables training

Entura has extensive experience with hybrid off-grid power supply systems and distributed generation using renewable energy.

This experience extends back to 1998, with the establishment of Hydro Tasmania‚Äôs King Island wind farm, which was integrated with the island’s existing diesel supply. Entura has continued to have technical involvement in this iconic power system, which has been a test bed for achieving high levels of renewable energy penetration.

We have used our acquired knowledge to design, plan and deliver low emission hybrid systems to remote locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. For example, our wind-solar-diesel system on Cape Barren Island, Tasmania, now provides a reliable and sustainable power supply to a remote community that had been living with intermittent, expensive, emission-heavy diesel power for many years.

Isolated hybrid renewables (3 days)

Designed for managers, owners, developers and operators of isolated hybrid renewable energy assets, this course focuses on the preparation of a business case for a hybrid off-grid project. It covers consideration of the project drivers, status of the existing power supply, evaluation of the proposed power supply option, alternative options, risk evaluation, project delivery models and procurement strategies.

The aim of the course is to provide awareness of what should be included in a business case for a hybrid renewables project and how to evaluate different technologies for power supply, with a focus on risk identification and management. The duration of the course is three to four days, with a mix of classroom training, scenario assignments and a possible site visit to a relevant installation, such as King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project.

It would be beneficial to have undertaken the wind and/or solar courses also offered
by Entura prior to this course.

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