Wind power training

Entura has a long history in the wind industry.

We have gained first-hand experience developing wind projects from site identification through to operation, from the perspective of both a consultant and an owner/operator, for the last two decades.

For example, Entura was a key contributor to the development of Hydro Tasmania’s wind assets from as early as 1998 when its first wind farm was established on King Island. Since then we have supported Hydro Tasmania and many other clients identify, invest, develop, finance, and/or build wind throughout the Indo-Pacific region. In fact, we have been involved in more than 100 advanced and operational wind farms with projects totalling greater than 20 000 MW in India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, the Philippines, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Entura’s early involvement in wind, as well as other renewable energy technologies, has made an important contribution to the industry through the development of various tools, techniques, and guidelines that facilitate decision-making about such projects. Our experience has been directly and indirectly informing the industry to support project development. For example, Entura has been trusted by industry and governments to develop or review best practice guidelines for wind farm development.

This contribution to the wider industry continues through capability development and training offered by the Entura clean energy and water institute.

Wind farm development (3 – 4 days)

Designed for managers and decision-makers looking to enter wind farm development or considering investments in wind farms, this course explores the wind farm development process from prospecting to operations.

The course aims to improve participants’ understanding of the key issues involved in wind farm development, with a focus on minimising risk and increasing certainty. The course duration is three to four days, with a mix of classroom training, scenario assignments and site visit to an operational wind farm.

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