Celebrating 10 years of Entura’s clean energy and water institute

December 12, 2022

Entura is celebrating 10 years of our dedicated training arm, the Entura clean energy and water institute (ECEWI).

The institute was established in 2012, and has since delivered 146 training programs to power and water clients in Australia and internationally. More than 2,000 participants have been trained during this time, across a total of 10,857 training days.

ECEWI’s courses can be specifically tailored to the needs and business requirements of each client, and can cover a full range of clean energy and water subjects. This includes areas of risk minimisation, safety, operations, management, environmental assessments and more.

From L-R: Leesa deGroot (ECEWI’s Program Coordinator), Amanda Ashworth (ECEWI’s Business Manager), and Tammy Chu (Entura’s Managing Director)

“ECEWI formalises a long history of knowledge sharing, capability development and training across our full range of expertise and services,” says Amanda Ashworth, Entura’s Director of Sales, Strategy and Commercial, and ECEWI Business Manager.

“We are passionate about empowering and supporting our clients through training, and understand the importance of a skilled renewables workforce in the global energy transition.”

ECEWI has formed strong training relationships with a number of local partners over its ten years. In Australia, ECEWI has conducted hydropower operator training for a power utility and has longstanding relationships to deliver certified dam safety training regular dam safety training courses.

“We’re proud of our training achievements in international markets too, such as the Pacific region, where we provided hydropower operator training to a client in Papua New Guinea, to build capability and improve efficiencies,” says Amanda.

“We’ve also delivered wind resource assessment and remote community power training in Vanuatu, to build understanding and capability for future renewable energy development in the country.”

In Asia, ECEWI has enjoyed close relationships with Bangkok’s Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Kuala Lumpur’s Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), the Malaysian Committee on Large Dams (MYCOLD), Sarawak Energy Berhad and others. The institute recently celebrated the successful completion of MYCOLD’s dam safety inspector course (Batch 1), which was conducted virtually through remote training with supported assessments using photos and videos due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic was an opportunity for us to adapt our offerings and brainstorm how we could continue to deliver training for clients in a hybrid format, using a blend of traditional and virtual technologies and methods,” says ECEWI’s Program Coordinator, Leesa deGroot.

“This has led to other training opportunities moving forward, including a current collaboration with UNITEN to deliver international hydropower training in south Asia for AIT’s Energy Development, Services Management and Technology Program.”

“The first decade of ECEWI has been very fruitful and satisfying,” says Amanda, “and we’re looking forward to continuing the journey of building skills across our regions to support the clean energy transition and greater safety and sustainability of energy and water infrastructure.”

“Our clients have considerable renewable energy and water needs and ambitions, and we are proud to support them in achieving those. And, in the process, we can make an enduring contribution to those clients and communities.”

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