Strategy and risk

Data management and analysis

To be able to confidently use your data to help develop your business strategy, optimise your operations and manage your risks, you need to be able to trust it, and understand its implications.

It is often said that you’re only as good as the quality of your data. Making poor decisions due to bad data is a risk that no business can afford. That’s why Entura’s team of experienced data managers offer clients confidence in the quality of their data by routinely checking and quality-coding data from various sources around the world.

The quality-coded data can be used for reporting, modelling or other applications so that you can be confident that you’re making your important decisions based on the very best information. Our data experts can detect any continuous deficits in the quality of your data, and help with possible remedies.

Personalisation and configuration

Every client, every site, and every problem is unique. So we understand the need to personalise and configure every data solution to your particular circumstances and requirements.

We are experienced in finding clever solutions to overcome the challenges of integration with existing equipment and systems.

We also know that your data needs to be transformed and translated into information that communicates clearly to you, and offers you the insight and understanding that you need to achieve your goals.

Our team of specialist integrators and systems engineers can tailor the solutions to access your data, and our analysts and social scientists can advise you on the best way of using and communicating that information.


Observation data is more like a mirror than a crystal ball: it provides a great look at what is going on in the present, but it doesn’t easily show you what is about to happen. For that, you need a solution that analyses the current information and transforms it into usable representations of the future.

Entura has drawn on our expertise in hydrology, hydraulics and GIS to provide real-time modelling services to assist in planning and running assets, and to help prepare for and manage the risk of potential flood events.

We have been the principal supplier of modelling services to Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, to enable informed operation of hydro generation infrastructure by providing flood and inflow predictions.

Entura can build the data models you require, and can also host the resulting models on your behalf. Data from the models can be made available through Entura’s own Ajenti™ Data Management System or be automatically transferred into your own system.