Entura team awarded for Yap renewable energy development project

December 12, 2017

Specialist power and water consulting firm Entura celebrated its annual Entura Awards.

The awards recognise Entura’s employees and teams who have demonstrated outstanding behaviour or ability contributing to the culture and success of the firm.

The project team behind the energy transformation on the North Pacific island of Yap won the top gong, the “Entura Way” Award.

The Yap renewable energy project team was recognised for technical leadership, innovation and client-focused service delivery in the two-year project to deliver sustainable and renewable power for the remote island via an integrated renewable energy power system.

The remote area power system aims to reduce Yap’s dependence on diesel generation and contribute to its clean energy goals, and provide the reliable power required to support social and economic development.

A combination of 825kW of wind generation and 500kW of solar power are supported by three high-speed, responsive diesel generators, enabling Yap to experience up to 70% instantaneous renewable penetration when conditions allow, and to deliver an annual fuel saving of up to US$500 000.

The Entura team exceeded the client’s expectations, developing an advanced hybrid power system with architecture that will meet current needs but also provide the foundation for further progression towards higher renewable energy penetration.

Entura project manager Dean Haley said, “Our successful delivery of the renewable energy solution in Yap has demonstrated Entura’s expertise in delivering innovative and effective remote area power solutions, and is opening new business opportunities for similar developments across the Pacific.”

Over the years, Entura has successfully delivered a range of renewable energy solutions across the Pacific including remote island projects in the Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Samoa, and most recently in Micronesia and Tonga.

Members of the Yap team have also provided facilitated training programs through Entura’s clean energy and water institute.

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