Entura visits Antarctica’s Scott Base research facility for redevelopment works

December 12, 2022

Entura recently visited New Zealand’s remote Scott Base research facility in Antarctica as part of site investigations for the hub’s redevelopment.

Antarctica New Zealand’s Scott Base Redevelopment project will see a complete overhaul of the existing base, replacing the current ageing infrastructure with a safer, more modern research facility to support New Zealand’s Antarctic science programme and presence in the region for the next 50 years. Entura has been involved in the project since 2020, initially conducting feasibility and option studies to replace the Ross Island Wind Energy system which powers Scott Base. A need to upgrade the current SCADA and hybrid control system were identified, with the goal to increase renewable energy generation for the new base. 

As part of ongoing work, Entura’s Specialist Hybrid Systems Engineer, Greg Koppens, and Specialist Renewable Energy Engineer, Andrew Wright, travelled to the base in October to conduct site investigations and better understand the current infrastructure.

“Visiting the base was a rare honour and opportunity, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before,” said Andrew. “It really put into perspective how important the work we’re doing here is.”

“We have extensive experience in delivering hybrid systems in remote areas, but this particular project is highly specialised, as the work we do in Antarctica will be particularly challenging given the difficult access, harsh weather conditions, and short construction window each summer season.”

Entura will continue its involvement in the replacement of the Ross Island Wind Energy system over the next five years, supporting the design and procurement of the new equipment and control systems. The existing flywheel storage will be replaced by a battery energy storage system, and the current turbines will also be replaced.

“It’s quite a complicated job, but our site visit and discussions with the client have allowed us to determine the optimal design and implementation schedule moving forward,” said Greg.

“It’s exciting for Entura to be part of the enduring legacy of Scott Base, and to ensure the research facility will be able to continue its important work well into the future.”

Entura is a leading consultant in renewables development and integration in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region, with significant experience in hybrid renewable systems. Our services have been instrumental to the success of other hybrid renewable projects, including the Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project and Flinders Island Energy Hub in Australia, and the delivery of hybrid renewable systems in Yap, the Cook Islands, Marshall Islands and more.