Strategy and risk

Climate resilience

Even if the risks of climate change seem distant, start your futureproofing now by building climate resilience into new projects and existing operations.

Climate change is expected to bring more frequent or severe weather events and increased variability in climatic conditions, which can threaten projects, businesses, communities and the environment.

The more you understand about the potential impacts and risks of climate change for your region, your project and your operations, the better you can prepare, adapt, and build your resilience to climate change impacts. These actions are alongside doing what you can to minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to climate change solutions.

We have investigated the impacts of climate change for our clients, and we have the expertise to convert climate change assessments into practical solutions to protect your current and future investments. Building climate resilience into your power and water infrastructure projects will deliver more sustainable assets that are better adapted for future climate change impacts and variability.

Our particular insights into the effects of climate change on the water industry can help you better understand the risks to your water assets and operations, so that you can take effective action for greater resilience, whether that is through better flood forecasting, improving how you manage water, or preserving valuable storage capacity.

Many of the practices or strategies that businesses use to build resilience to factors such as changes in markets, standards, policy and legislation can also help build climate resilience. However, once we better understand the risks of climate change for a business or region, it is often possible to identify additional solutions or strategies to enhance the climate resilience of assets or operations.

We have helped our clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region and southern Africa to build climate resilience into infrastructure projects across all aspects of design and operations: civil, mechanical, electrical, hydrological, environmental and social.

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