Dam safety training

For nearly a century, Hydro Tasmania designed and built over 50 major dams using a variety of methods.

With a wealth of experience and as a recognised leader in dam design, Entura has worked on many of Australia’s major dams over the last decade, as well as some iconic international projects.

Maintaining the safety of these important water infrastructure assets is an essential program to which Entura is a key contributor. Our experience in managing risks associated with dam structures is now shared with many clients around the world, including the delivery of training in relation to dam safety and emergency response planning.

The dam safety training program created by Entura provides a structured approach for all dam asset owners/managers to gain the understanding, skills and competencies required for key roles associated with modern dam management practice.

Our proven methodology can be customised to suit specific subject or capability requirements. Dam safety courses can be accredited against Australian qualification standards. Find out more about our accredited courses.

Dam safety overview (1 day)

Designed for managers or junior surveillance engineers, this course provides an overview of dam safety principles and practice common to all dams and spillways.

The course aims to improve understanding of the key elements involved in designing
and managing a dam safety program. The course duration is one day and includes
topics such as legislative requirements, industry practice, risk assessment and
management, governance.

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Dam safety principles and practice (4 – 5  days)

Designed for inspectors and dam surveillance engineers, this course provides a detailed technical engineering program for the design and implementation of dam safety programs.

The course aims to improve understanding of the key elements involved in designing
and managing a dam safety program. It will provide participants with the knowledge
and tools to effectively inspect, monitor, and maintain dam infrastructure. The course
duration is five to seven days, depending on site visit and tutorial/assignment options.

It includes consideration of types of dams and related structures such as earth filled
dams, rockfill dams, concrete dams, spillways and floodgates, forebays, diversions, intakes and outakes, and tailraces.

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